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Oldness and Oita-shi support donation hometown tax

Of "smile glistens future creation city full of dream and charm" support to Oita-shi doing its best for realization, please.

Air monitoring information PM2.5 photochemistry oxyDaito Pharmaceutical

We set up the measurement station throughout the city to grasp the air pollution situation and continuously monitor atmosphere environment with tele meter system.

Hole which is Oita-shi child care support site

It is site where administrative information and private information to be useful for child care were established for the purpose of sending in total.

Oita-shi emigration support site

It is such a "town which "is just good," but is found" which can meet various life stages and needs of lifestyle.

Moving to another house information bank

We introduce sale and leasehold property of empty house, vacant land in the city and are system providing information to person in hope of the use.

Oita-shi forest therapy

Forest therapy is new approach to make use of forest bathing effect in health maintenance/promotion, the prevention of illness.

Oita-shi duty-free shop site

We introduce duty-free shop in Oita-shi. This site supports 6 languages (English, Korean, Chinese (simplified Chinese character, Chinese Traditional), the French language, Thai).

We offer mayor press conference, news release document, information of city bulletin Oita at any time. Please check the latest information.

It is official Facebook, Twitter, YouTube operating in Oita-shi, list of accounts of Instagram. Please see by all means.

You can enjoy cityscape or scenery in the city with beautiful picture. Look at various PR videos and news from Oita-shi, public information program by all means.

City hall guidance

〒870-8504 2-31, Niagemachi, Oita-shi

[open agency time] from Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. 5:15 p.m. (from celebration, holiday and December 29 except January 3)

We extend some window duties until 6:00 p.m.

[main phone number] 097-534-6111

[overtime] 097-534-6119

We see access to city hall on map

Population of Oita-shi



The number of the households


(as of the end of September, 2018)

  • Sea egg
  • Takasakiyama Natural Zoo
  • Quite prefectural art museum (OPAM)
  • J: COM Holt hall Oita
  • Oita Station
  • Oita ruins of a castle park
  • Oita Art Museum
  • Art plaza
  • CompalHall
  • Peaceful citizen Park noh theater
  • Factory group
  • Oita sports park
  • Kamezuka old burial mound
  • Sekisaki starfish building
  • Oita-shi history museum
  • Hoashi head family brewing storehouse
  • Yoshino plum garden
  • Imaichi stone pavement
  • Oita globefish
  • Sekiaji, Sekisaba

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